a stay in a hostel takes place under special conditions and requires a high degree of mutual respect from all residents:

1 . open fires, smoking and lighting candles are not permitted in the stairwell, corridor, breakfast room, sanitary area, hostel rooms and dorms. In the event of a violation, we charge a cleaning fee of € 100. and possibly house ban.

2. the hostel offers common rooms and lounges that can be used for cultural and other purposes, with timely registration also in sole use.

3. for safety and hygienic reasons, the preparation of warm food and drinks is not permitted in the living room or bedroom.

4. in consideration of the bedtime, the use of the showers in the night hours (22: 00-6: 00) should be avoided if possible. avoid noise. From 22: 00-6: 00, the right of every resident and local residents to have a good night’s rest is respected. it is expressly pointed out that, against noise pollution, measures can be taken against the polluter in the interest of all hostel residents up to the termination of the accommodation contract.

5. it is expressly forbidden to slide on banisters, sit on window sills and climb over window sills and outside railings.

6. visitors can be welcomed daily in the bar and reception from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm; the overnight stay of non-residents is strictly prohibited.

7. for the duration of the stay you have to take care of your own belongings.

8. keeping and bringing animals into the hostel is not permitted.

9. the fire prevention regulations – see separate notice in the hallways – must be observed. please report damage or malfunctions to the hostel management immediately! please inform yourself about the fire extinguishing regulations and the handling of the fire extinguishers as well as the location of the escape routes.

10. bringing and consuming drugs to the hostel is strictly prohibited for residents and their visitors. the hostel management reserves the right to confiscate drugs stored in the rooms for the duration of the stay. Smoking is prohibited to guests in the entire building.

11. it is not allowed to bring any kind of weapons into the hostel.

12. the own pursuit of economic purposes within our house cannot be permitted.

13. the hostel management exercises the house right! in urgent cases, the hostel management allows itself to enter the rooms to exercise the house right in order to arrange the necessary. in the event of disturbance of the peace or violation of the house rules, the hostel management is authorized to take appropriate measures to restore order. hostel references can be given after repeated warnings or in the event of gross violations of the peace of the house.
in order to comply with public order and house rules, the hostel’s employees are fundamentally entitled to issue instructions to every guest on the house ban.

14. anyone who negligently triggers the fire alarm system (smoke detector on the ceiling) or misuses the hand alarm through cigarette smoke or other handling of fire or smoke has to bear the full costs of the automatic fire service.

15. group escorts serve as role models and should behave accordingly with regard to smoking and alcohol.

16. the operation of radios in the house is not desired. radios, loudspeakers, mp3 players etc. can be drawn in by the hostel management at any time as a precaution until departure.

17. the central areas and hallways of the hostel are under video surveillance for security reasons.