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dear guests,

we are all currently in extraordinary and challenging times due to the coronavirus, where the safety of every human life is the highest priority. the goal of the world community is to slow down the spread of the virus in order to give hospitals more time to take necessary measures, such as increasing the number of intensive care beds.

we would like to support this goal with all our strength and have therefore implemented many measures in recent days to minimise the risk of infection and slow down the spread of the virus.

further measures such as the adapted reduction of working hours have already been implemented or are in the process of being implemented.

our goal is to keep our operations running and to continue to provide you with the best service you are used to, while always ensuring the health of our employees and being in harmony with community solidarity and the legal requirements and recommendations of our authorities.

as the situation changes almost every hour and it develops differently in different countries, we are all experiencing, in an unprecedented way, something breaking into our daily lives over which we have no firm control and which is forcing our attention, our time and public and private behaviour changes to an enormous extent. nevertheless, remain strong and hopeful. We will do our best here to be there for you again soon.

finally, let us wish you all from the bottom of our hearts that you and your families stay healthy and come through these difficult times well and with a positive spirit, which will be replaced by good times.

warmest regards

your annabanana team

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news: reach us via whatsapp on this number 00491517 5363458

news: if you find a lower price as here (on OUR prices, not other hotels or hostels), somewhere (booking, expedia, hostelworld), we will give you a 5 euro discount on that price (you found) if you book via phone, e-mail or whatsapp. send us screenshots. this offer is not working for our dorms.

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we are the annabanana Hostel (old alcatraz backpacker) anna banana hostel hotel. you can book room rooms bed beds dorm in prenzlauer berg berlin is really cheap, so we can offer you the best price. watch out for our black friday special. starting on friday the 29th november 2019. we took over the business from alcatraz backpacker hostel. travel is really nice. cross your journey with our little familiar hostel. we are not a chain and independent. we are looking forward to design a new design boutique hotelgarni. berlin is trendy because of fashion, berlin wall, pergamon museum, ifa, concerts, techno, co-working space, checkpoint charly, mauerpark, kulturbrauerei culture brewery. you can also get a breakfast (vegetarian food) at our annabanana hostel. you will find us at u eberswalder straße s+u schönhauser allee in the near of pappelallee, bernauer straße, danzigerstraße. there are a lot shopping locations. our hostel is more than good. it stands for excellent fabulous sleeping
wir sind das annabanana anna banana hostel hotel. sie können zimmer zimmer bett betten schlafsaal in prenzlauer berg berlin 10437 buchen. es ist wirklich billig, also können wir ihnen den besten preis anbieten. Achten Sie auf unser black friday special. ab freitag, dem 29. november 2019, haben wir das geschäft von alcatraz backpacker hostel übernommen. Reisen ist wirklich schön. Buchen Sie ihre Reise mit unserem kleinen vertrauten Hostel. Wir sind keine Kette und unabhängig. Wir freuen uns darauf, ein neues Design-Boutique-Hotel Garni zu entwerfen im Jahre 2021. berlin steht für mode, berliner mauer, pergamonmuseum, ifa, konzerte, techno, co-working space, checkpoint charly, mauerpark, kulturbrauerei kulturbrauerei. sie können auch ein Frühstück (vegetarisches Essen) in unserem Annabanana Hostel bekommen. sie finden uns in der eberswalder straße s + u schönhauser allee in der nähe der pappelallee, bernauer straße, danzigerstraße. Es gibt viele Einkaufsmöglichkeiten. Unser Hostel ist mehr als gut. Es steht für ausgezeichnetes, fabelhaftes Schlafen